La Laguna
Sierras de Maldonado

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La Laguna posada de campo Maldonado

Change of ownership, currently not operating, not receiving guests !

We stayed in La Laguna for a few days in 2008 and were very much impressed be the serenity of the place. The estancia is located in the highest and most rugged part of the Maldonado Department hill country (Sierras de Maldonado), it is therefore quite different from the typical Uruguay landscape which is rather flat to gently roling.
At a short walk's distance there is a creek, forming a rock sheltered natural pool. The overall atmosphere is very serene, very secluded.

The estancia dates back to the 1850's or maybe further back. The massive field stone walls tell.
Staff and owner were extremely friendly.
There are trails for walks. One can horseride. 6x guestrooms, mostly with attached bathroom. Owners are very ecologically minded.

Ruta 39 km67,5

I am a farmland real estate agent, driving extensively thru Uruguay's interior. It was a habit that started in the late 1990s to do a webpage for the odd guest estancia that I personally liked, just for fun, because at that time it was a little known tool.
Stays on guest ranches are not cheap, reflecting the time and attention dedicated by the owners, US$150-250 per person per day full board including horse riding might serve as an approximate idea.
Please contact the ranches directly and well ahead of your arrival. I am not affiliated to any of them, nor do I ask or receive benefits

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