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Aguila Blanco Uruguay, lake
The hill range of the Cuchilla Grande, which at this height forms the boundary between Florida and Lavalleja provinces, is one the more rugged, wilder regions of Uruguay. It is here where Estancia Aguila Blanca has been converted by its scottish-argentinian owner family into a guest ranch while at the same time preserving its true nature as a working cattle ranch.

The farmstead, the casco is very much a traditional one, and the owner's dedication to keep it that way shows in many beautiful detailes.
A rather large artificial lake has been created at a 5 min walk's distance, which is a delight, and allows for swimming, canoeing, bird watching. However there is a pool by the main house, too.
Visitors who have come all the way will in most cases want to go for a horse ride, and it is marvelous horse riding country indeed, at times open rolling Pampa grass land where cattle graze, at times more rugged fractions with denser native bush type cover. Great selection of horses. Pleasant people who care for you.
According to my personal taste it ranks amongst the top ten authentic Uruguay experiences available for the traveller.
We visited in March 2014

Estancia Aguila Blanca

Florida, off Ruta 7, NE of Cerro Colorado , 2,5h drive from Montevideo
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I am a farmland real estate agent, driving extensively thru Uruguay's interior. It was a habit that started in the late 1990s to do a webpage for the odd guest estancia that I personally liked, just for fun, because at that time it was a little known tool.
Stays on guest ranches are not cheap, reflecting the time and attention dedicated by the owners, US$120-250 per person per day full board including horse riding might serve as an approximate idea.
Please contact the ranches directly and well ahead of your arrival. We are not affiliated to any of them,nor do I ask or receive benefits

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