Guardia del Monte

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Guardia del Monte Uruguay
Anotherone of the few remaining working cattle ranches / estancias, that cater to guests, and my personal favourite.

It is that landscape of the Rocha province Atlantic coast hinterland, where large shallow lakes, abundant bird life, native palm tree groves and distant huge sand dunes meet, that makes this place special.
The historic farmstead, the casco, and it is very old and historic by Uruguayan standards, originating from the early 1800s, sits on a hill top, overlooking the Laguna de Castillos and the costal sand dunes in the far distance.
It is a nice place to horse ride, vast open marshlands vary with stands of century old Ombú trees. If I remember right you can also take a canoe for trip on the lake. The Casco is quite beautiful, quite picturesque in its traditional way, with Patio, cystern, galleries.
Apart from accommodating visitors, Guardia del Monte is an authentic estancia on some 1000 hectare ground and some 1000 head of beef cattle and, of course, plenty of great Criollo horses.

Guardia del Monte
+598-4470-5180, +598-4475-9064, +598-99-872588

Rocha, off Ruta 9 opposite exit to town of Castillos, km 261,5, 3h drive from Montevideo
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I am a farmland real estate agent, driving extensively thru Uruguay's interior. It was a habit that started in the late 1990s to do a webpage for the odd guest estancia that I personally liked, just for fun, because at that time the web was a little known tool down here.
Stays on guest ranches are not cheap, reflecting the time and attention dedicated by the owners, US$150-250 per person per day full board including horse riding might serve as an approximate idea.
Please contact the ranches directly and well ahead of your arrival. I am not affiliated to any of them, nor do I ask or receive benefits.

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Estancia Guardia del Monte casco Estancia Guardia del Monte courtyard, cistern Guardia del Monte, Galleria
Estancia Guardia d.M. overlooking Lake, atlantic coast in distance
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