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See below some images of Montevideo I took since 2005 or so, mainly in the old center, the Ciudad Vieja. Montevideo is not only old though, it has its modern quarters. Montevideo is a port city. The stormy lattitudes of the southern oceans are not far.

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street in Montevideo old town
Montevideo harbour Ciudad Vieja, the street at top, left is Calle Guaraní. Montevideo has quite some picturesquely derelict streets, possible for a few more years before gentryfication sets in. I believe, the set for movie Blindness with Alice Braga 2 or 3 years ago was a few blocks from here. Anyway you see places here and there in Uruguay that make you think of movie shooting locations. Photos taken 2005 - 2010

Montevideo South Atlantic
storm Montevideo
Montevideo South Atlantic 2010
Montevideo Ciudad Vieja
Montevideo banda armada
virgin of the seas Montevideo
Virgin Mary of the seas. Or is it Iemanya? Or both?


Cafe Brasilero Montevideo
Cafe Brasilero 2015


kiting Carrasco
Carrasco Kite Center
a perfect day at Carrasco Kite Center, around 2015


montevideo desde palacio salvo
Presidencia, Plaza Independencia desde Palacio Salvo, 2020

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