Photos Uruguay

(and 2 or 3 videos)

I used to travel quite a bit in Uruguay as farmland realtor and shoot photos here and there.
Some I have put below.
Now I am retired, but I still take the odd photo or video.

estancia for sale Uruguay ranch and farmland real estate for sale, but discontinued now

escudo uruguayo

The Interior

video of my property

video of the cattle branding, the Yerra, on our estancia
sierras Rocha Uruguay
sierras Rocha
The sierras of Rocha, not far from the Atlantic coast
cattle w historic estancia mansion in back
our estancia San Eugenio, Casupá region
movie shooting location type iron gates, old estancia
Should be fun to be a movie shooting location scout in Uruguay
horse riding Laguna Nagra, Rocha Uruguay
Zapican countryside
horseriding somewhere in the Laguna Negra region, Rocha
somewhere Zapican region, Lavalleja
landscape dusk Estancia San Eugenio Uruguay
landscape fog dawn Estancia San Eugenio Uruguay
fog at dusk, fog at dawn, winter days, Estancia San Eugenio, Florida

Atlantic coast

beach,Valizas, Rocha Uruguay
huts,Valizas, Rocha Uruguay
Valizas, Rocha
Punta del Este beach

Punta del Este
sealions in yacht harbour


Guardia del Monte guest ranch on Laguna de Castillos
gauchos yerra
pampa horseride
dusk somewhere, Interior of Uruguay
gauchos yerra
ranch workers branding cattle uruguay
branding of the cattle at Estancia Santa Ines, Florida, Uruguay
uruguay camino interior
uruguay ranch work
The deep Interior, stark colors of the Uruguayan winter, Casupá area
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colonial estates Estancias Pampa Fazendas Brasil Haciendas Mexico
some more images bits and pieces on South American grand estates
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