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Estancia historica de turismo
San Pedro de Timote might be the most prestigious and best known historic Estancia of Uruguay. As an estancia, in the 19th and 20th century sense of an estancia it was founded by Pedro Jose Jackson in 1854.
However these were also the lands of Uruguay’s first and most important Estancia Jesuitica (of the Jesuits), and thus the very first European agricultural venture : Nuestra Senora de los Desamparados, founded 1740’s, being roughly 100.000 hectare in size and run for a few decades until the Jesuits were expelled from South America in 1767.

San Pedro has for the last 150 years been linked to the most prominent names of Estanciero families, the Jacksons, Hebers and for almost 100 years the Gallinals. All having been in their times pioneers of agriculture, introducing new livestock breeds and improving productivity.

While San Pedro de Timote was always a lifestock venture, and during most of the 20th having been a sheep wool producing one on its roughly 30.000 hectare, it changed hands again at the end of the 1990’s,
to be since then run as a tourist Estancia or Hotel de Campo.

Today San Pedro receives guests, be it for the day or over night in one of the roughly 30 bedrooms, who can enjoy the stately and historic charm of the estate, making long strolls through 500 hectare of park, horse ride, or on a winter day settle by the side of one of the huge open fire places.

We last spent an afternoon there in spring 2017

reserve and inquire here

(+598) 4310 8086

Departamento Florida, off Ruta 7, 2h drive from Montevideo
Uruguay guest estancia horse riding
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I am a farmland real estate agent, driving extensively thru Uruguay's interior. It was a habit that started in the late 1990s to do a webpage for the odd guest estancia that I personally liked, just for fun, because at that time it was a little known tool.
Stays on guest ranches are not cheap, reflecting the time and attention dedicated by the owners, US$150-250 per person per day full board including horse riding might serve as an aproximate idea.
Please contact the ranches or inns directly and well ahead. I am not affiliated to any of them, nor do I ask or receive benefits

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San Pedro de Timote portera

San Pedro de Timote vista por ventana Estancia turistica Uruguay
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